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Top Rug Cleaning Services in Chiswick W4

Looking to renovate and clean some old rugs, or just maintain the beauty of your Persian ones? Well, there's a finesse to it, one wrong move and your precious delicate satin and silk fibers will be damaged. This is where our professional intervention comes in handy, giving your deprived rugs a fighting chance and securely cleaning your new ones without falling back to using synthetic and chemical filled detergents. Call Local Cleaners Chiswick Ltd. Now for our new special offers 020 3746 8249

Benefits of booking rug cleaning in Chiswick, Hounslow

Rug cleaning serviceWith a help from us, you will not only get the results you wanted in the first place, but some bonus things you didn't really think about when initially booking our service, like:

  • Soft, naturally smelling rugs
  • Vivid, amazing colours
  • Healthy textiles and fibers
  • No allergens present
  • Higher property value

Before you are done with the booking, be sure to ask us about the Scotchgard treatment, it allows your rugs to stay clean for a longer time while also prolonging their lifespan and saving you time and money in the long run.

Local Cleaners Chiswick Service Customer Guide

Steam rug cleaning in Chiswick - is a preferable technique of cleaning if dealing synthetic and woolen materials that fair well with heat and water. It is a very powerful procedure which will remove any stain, from greasy, animal fat, paint, paint thinner, tar and even asphalt. It's able to do that thanks to the high-pressure high-temperature steam which we use as a cleaning agent, along with a strong bio-degradable detergent that keeps the fibers conditioned and odorized. We apply the mixture of detergent and steam with a hot swappable nozzle which directs the flow of the jet to be a precise point, minimizing moisture exposure and optimizes the extraction to 95%.

Dry rug cleaning in Chiswick - because we use a dry compound with this treatment, we feel comfortable cleaning delicate materials like silk and satin that would not fare as well as wool or most synthetic compounds. They don't like heat and water, and this is what this service does not have, it uses a gentle fine dust-like detergent that we imbed into the fibers using a fine soft bristled brush. It is then extracted via vacuum and the rug is ready for usage, no drying required - no moisture used in the cleaning remember.

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To book our rug cleaning, when calling 020 3746 8249 specify what type of rug you have, the same applies when using the booking form found on the website. Take advantage of our free, live 24/7 customer care center and enter the live chat imbedded in the site, which you can always locate in the bottom right.

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