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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We take extra care when dealing with customer belongings, however, accidents do happen and when one does occur, we have full insurance coverage that will deal with any damage dealt to your or our properties and belongings. In short- no, you mustn't worry.

A: We can sure give it our best shot, however, the older a stain is the harder it is for our team to safely remove it from the fibers of your rugs, so take action before its too late and give us a call.

A: Yes we can. Our teams come prepared to tackle any issue, and one of them is a nasty infestation by bed bugs or dust mites. Using state of the art U.V lights we can locate their colony and deal with it appropriately without having to resort to chemical use.

A: Sure, call us and ask away, or once our cleaned are there ask them and they will gladly abridge and indulge your curiosity.

A: We take into account the amount of contamination, age of the carpet as well as the age of the stain. Then we hoover the area to be cleaned and apply either a dry or wet solutions, each of which suitable for different fabric types.

A: Try our hotline at 020 3746 8249 the team there is trained to address any questions you might have at any time of the day or night. That or use the live chat that has the same function but without talking.