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Curtain Cleaning Services for Chiswick W4

Textiles, just like any other material in your household, can gather and hold dust which in itself is harmless in small quantities, but over time, it can accumulate enough to cause unpleasant issues with breathing, wheezing, skin sensitivity and not to mention the damage the colours and strength of the fibers of the curtain. Local cleaners Chiswick W4 has just the thing to remedy the effects of time and filth, call today to book.

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Additional Benefits for Chiswick

You don't have to stare at a filthy piece of textile but instead, enjoy a clean drapery with pristine colours. Odours, just like dust, can accumulate into in your curtains and be outright unpleasant, with us you will enjoy their absence as well as:

  • Low levels of dust
  • Better air quality
  • A healthier home
  • No more allergies from airborne dust
  • Better looking colours

For curtains and textile based cleaning detergents, we have a special treatment called Scotchgard which prevents from dust sticking to the fibers as easily, call 020 3746 8249 for more info.

Cleaning Services in Chiswick Information

Dry cleaning - this treatment has many advantages when it comes to cleaning delicate and synthetic material, but it does require a stable surface for a proper application of the cleaning agent we are using. This necessitates that we take the curtains down and treat them on a stable surface where we can apply the detergent using a soft bristled fine brush, it imbeds the fine dust-like detergent into the fibers right between the stain and the fibers of the curtain. This removes the stain without causing it to damage the fibers or remove the colours - this has a rejuvenating effect on the textile and colours. After we are done with the extraction via vacuum, we put the drapery backup free of charge, and voila, we're done.

Drapery cleaning servicesSteam cleaning - on the other hand, allows our cleaners to properly clean the curtains in your home, without having to take them down at all. With a short, narrow nozzle attachment we can concentrate the stream of the steam jet onto a single spot and extract at the same time. It has a therapeutic effect on the curtains, removing strain and allergens at the same time. We apply the detergent with the help of a steam jet, then extract it all with a vacuum and leave it to dry for 1-2 hours.

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